The Arment Group

Why a Custom Marketing Plan?
You know your business better than anyone. And you know a great deal about your customers and competitors, your dreams and needs. What you could use is a way to put it together in a plan that leads to differentiation.

That you know. And you also know another boilerplate marketing plan won’t get you where you want to go.

The Arment Group has a track record of success. We’re adept at interviewing, researching and finding the products, services, and ideas that will make or keep you a market leader. Each program or plan is developed in close consultation with top management, front-line sales and marketing staff as well as valued, trusted customers. The full gambit of tools are used, from internet strategies to hard-copy publications.

The result is a custom strategic marketing program that will differentiate your business – even amidst the noise of commodity pricing.

We will do what you want your customers to do – see you as unique.

Commitment. Intelligence. Creativity. Follow-through. Experience. Impact. The Arment Group can be your powerful, experienced partner for profitability.

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