The Arment Group

Nonprofit Positioning and Development:
Global Center for Nonkilling



The Center for Global Nonkilling has a profound mission, yet most people did not fully understand the vision that began as an Academic revelation. In today's competitive funding environment, not-for-profit positioning is little different from what is required for sustainable for-profit organizations. You need to convey the purpose and vision in clear, definitive language. Information tools and channels of distribution must be supported with a sophisticated database and targeted negotiation platforms. Arment was pulled in to analyze current materials and develop a sophisticated plan for the Center in order to align the funding message with those who are in a position to follow through on their values.

Here's what founder Glenn D. Paige said about the work done by the Arment Group:

Dear Fred,

With profound gratitude and respect I am writing to commend your inspiring and generous service as organizational development consultant to the Center for Global Nonkiling in 2012.

We turned to your for advice because of your distinguished consulting record for corporations and nonprofits, creativity as a writer, and dedication to peace as a founder of the Dayton International Peace Museum. Our expectations were abundantly exceeded.

Although we had lamentably meager resources and could only offer you a three-month contract (March, April, and May) at a rate far below your normal consulting fees, you agreed to help.

But you generously served unpaid before and beyond the contract period. In January and February you sought deep understanding of the spirit, accomplishments, and mission of the Center for Global Nonkilling. After the contract period you continued pro bono through the summer to create documents and advised us on imperative actions we must take for CGNK's financial survival.

Your consulting has provided CGNK with a detailed Development Strategy (2012-2015). By gentle but firm persuasion you have guided me and Director Joám Evans to overcome our scholarly reluctance to directly ask donors for money. As a result of your service we have agreed to seek $100,000 from donors this year in order to receive an additional $50,000 from Humanity United.

Your consultancy has gone beyond providing a road map for marketing. You have made lasting contributions to clarifying the unfamiliar concept of "nonkilling" for understanding by benefactors and beneficiaries of the CGNK mission: "To promote change toward the measurable goal of a killing-free world by means open to infinite creativity with reverence for life." You have summoned up the essence of the CGNK mission in three words: "Measurable, Inspirational, Transformative."

In addition, you have advanced the CGNK understanding that nonkilling is the alpha and Omega of life (meaning no other human endeavor can be pursued from birth to death unless we are not killed) to affirm that "Nonkilling is THE measure of human progress."

Furthermore you have generously offered to be available to answer questions we might have and have agreed to signify continuing support by appearing as Development Consultant among the Leadership Team on the CGNK website.

On behalf of Director Joám Evans with whom you have worked closely and me, as well as all CGNK associates, we wish you every continued success in your pioneeering leadership of International Cities of peace, your creative nonfiction and fiction writing, and in your business endeavors.

With Warmest Aloha, Glenn D. Paige, Chair Governing Council, Center for Global Nonkilling, Honolulu, Hawaii