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Excellent companies seek excellent suppliers. And supplier does not mean vendor. It means partner. Great marketing, advertising, and communications depends on a close collaboration between client and partner.

The Arment Group has a golden track record with local, regional, national, and international companies that understand the difference between mediocrity and excellence:

» NCR Corporation

» YSI Incorporated

» Wright State University

» Bowser-Morner

» ManCo Property Services

» Green, Inc.

» Center for Global Nonkilling

» Encore Computer Corporation

» EMTEC Emerging Technology Center

» Mead-Westvaco

» T.G.I. Fridays

» Micrometrics

» Trimble Corporation

» TRW International

» Cincinnati Electronics

» Curtiss-Wright Controls

» Delco Moraine

» BETA Industries

» Alpha Thermistor

» Globe Motors, A Division of Labinal, France

» AT&T National Retail Division

» IBM Corporation, Customer Services Division

» Lexis-Nexis Company

» Harris Corporation, Computer Systems Division

» Krug International

» The Eastman Kodak Company

» Centerville Place Shopping Mall

» Video Towne, Incorporated

» MacMichael Avionics, Incorporated

» The Dayton Performing Arts Center

» AM International/Harris Graphics

» DAP Inc., A Division of Wassall PLC

» EMRO Marketing, A Division of Marathon Oil

» Industry Products

» United Lubricants, Armco Steel

» Modern Industrial Products

» The Timken Company

» American Aggregates, A Division of CSR Australia

Our customers are appreciative. We are appreciative of our customers.


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