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Integral Coaching: Supporting who you are with pathways to include in your life as you grow and advance.
Coaching works. An Arment Group Integral Coach applies theoretical frameworks from such practices as, but not limited to, Constructive-Development (Kegan, 1980), Shadow work (Carl Jung), and Health and Wellness. We help clients understand themselves from an atomic level too as far as they wish to grow, for example to the heavens. The many disciplines used within an Arment Group Integral Coaching session can be confusing without help, that is why a holistic map of the client’s personal, professional, spiritual, and health life is created for ease in reference throughout the client’s lifespan. The map is recorded in an AQAL model created by Ken Wilber, this makes the time it takes to unravel and understand the complex connections clients have to their issues, conflicts, and areas they want to improve upon less complicated. The result is a customized conflict map of the client’s current development that includes pathways to apply as they grow. A useful tool to refer back to, time and time again, as one develops in lifespan.

About the conflict analysis team.

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