The Arment Group

Portfolio of High Level Experience:
Performing Arts Center Brochure
Dayton Performing Arts Center

Wouldn't it be great if every brochure generated $10 million? And you only had to print 100 copies? Working for Dave Lehman of the Kodak Corporation, later Diconix, Fred Arment was called into the CEO's office and given a hush-hush project. Envision a “Julliard of the Arts” for Dayton, Ohio, and create a tool to express that vision. Under cover of darkness, Arment snatched photos and interviewed the arts community and helped come up with this concept. The finished product, of which only a few copies remain, was delivered to philanthropist Virginia Kettering, who said she cried when she read it. The result was the financing for the Victoria Theater in Dayton, which is now thriving.

Wouldn't you love to have a customer cry when they read your brochure – and not because of the bad copywriting!