The Arment Group

Complete Business Strategy:
ManCo Property Services

When the President of ManCo Real Estate Management came to the Arment Group, we had no idea how far we would begin to understand their business. Over the course of four months, Arment's principal attended seminars, researched the real estate market, interviewed most of the staff, and developed a five-year strategy that went far beyond marketing into complete product positioning for the future. We changed the name, the markets, the strategy, and the vision for the future... and the plan generated was rolled out to an appreciative staff as the way forward to prosperity.

The President of ManCo Property Management, Jule Rastikis, tells the story to his clients:

Dear Valued Client,

Recently, I thought of you when I established a relationship with an exceptional person. As you know, ManCo and I are always looking for ways to better serve you and others in our client base. To that end, I'd like to introduce Fred Arment - Principal of the Arment Group. The Arment Group is a marketing strategy and planning company which has been in business for over 25 years.

After interviewing several other ad agencies ManCo and I hired the Arment Group to develop a 5 year marketing strategy. I found that Fred is much more than an advertising person. The strategy he presented me was beyond my expectation. It is truly a holistic and encompassing strategy. It goes far beyond just an advertising plan.

He interviewed me, most of ManCo's staff, delved into the real estate and management industry and interviewed our competition. With this exhaustive amount of research and his talent he developed a strategy which included a brand for Manco, a new source of clients / customers, plans to penetrate these new markets, a time line to implement the strategy, new web page concepts and even human resource needs to grow Manco as the strategy is implemented.

If you or your business is looking to expand, move into different markets, grow sales and profits, I highly suggest you contact Fred for an interview. I seriously doubt that you'll be disappointed with his professionalism, talent, insight, knowledge and intuition. You'll find him an effective, pleasurable and engaging professional.

Julius B. Rastikis " Jule"
Broker / President