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Strategic Innovations: The Original Idea
The basis of a sound marketing strategy is in the details. To understand the way forward – whether it’s a PR plan, a product extension program, or company repositioning – requires a full understanding of your business and business environment.


The Positioning Statement provides the necessary background for a clear understanding of how a product or service should be positioned in a defined market. The statement clearly defines the customer, the negative/positive perceptions of the customer toward your offer, and why your product/service is needed. Once these questions are answered, all product strategies and marketing materials can be aligned for maximum impact:

1. Product Definition
  - A succinct title of the entire offer (product and/or service).
2. Position of Product in the Marketplace
  - A one-sentence description of the lasting impression you want to leave with your customers.
3. Strategy for Positioning
  - Customer needs and requirements.
  - Positive/Negative customer perceptions.
4. Target Audience
  - General buying audience, specific markets and titles of buyers.
5. Objectives of Marketing
  - The required customer response from marketing and sales programs.
6. Benefits of Offer
  - Detailed features and benefits section.
7. Support of Benefit
  - Details on how the offer supports the Strategy for Positioning.

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Strategic Plan: A long-term plan covering a period of three, five, or sometimes ten years.


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