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What Our Clients Know...

The testimonial, as you know, is a very powerful tool in advertising. The appreciation of clients does not come easy. It comes from above-and-beyond service over a long period of time. It comes from commitment to their goals. Here are a few of our favorites...

“Since most of us are technically oriented, it really helps to get someone with your creative ability on our team, and you really have been a team member. Again, thank you for your help and support while staying focused on the bigger objective of continuing to build our business.”
– Steve Bowser, President/CEO, Bowser-Morner, inc.

“After interviewing several other ad agencies ManCo and I hired the Arment Group to develop a 5-year marketing strategy. I found that Fred is much more than an advertising person. The strategy he presented me was beyond my expectation. It is truly a holistic and encompassing strategy. It goes far beyond just an advertising plan. He interviewed me, most of ManCo’s staff, delved into the real estate and management industry and interviewed our competition. With this exhaustive amount of research and his talent he developed a strategy which included a brand for Manco, a new source of clients / customers, plans to penetrate these new markets, a time line to implement the strategy, new web page concepts and even human resource needs to grow Manco as the strategy is implemented.”
– Jule Rastikis, President, ManCo Real Estate Management, inc.

With profound gratitude and respect I am writing to commend your inspiring and generous service as organizational development consultant to the Center for Global Nonkiling in 2012. We turned to your for advice because of your distinguished consulting record for corporations and nonprofits, creativity as a writer, and dedication to peace as a founder of the Dayton International Peace Museum. Our expectations were abundantly exceeded.”
– Glenn D. Paige, Founder, Global Center for Nonkilling, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Thanks for all your wonderful support, the great brochure, and the well-written script for our video.”
– Sandy Brewer, American Aggregates

“I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding job you did for Electrowind in completing the winding and machine brochure. We have already received a number of compliments from our sales force as well as from potential new customers.”
– Jerry Burch, General Manager, Electrowind, Inc.

“Thanks for making me look good!”
– Bill Devir, Marketing Manager, Globe Motors

“The new piece that you did for the Glen, ‘A Living Laboratory for a Sustainable Future,’ is wonderful, just great!!!”
– Malte VonMatthiessen, President/CEO, YSI Incorporated

“I’ve earned a living for much of my career through my writing skills, but you are, in my opinion, one of the finest, most talented, and versatile writers I've had the honor of working with.”
– Tim Hull, President, Centric Communications

“Thank you for the outstanding job on the brochure!”
– Chris Miller, AT&T Global Information Solutions

“As YSI endeavors to reposition itself as a global company with a strong corporate identity, we have decided to work closely with the Arment Group, a full-service marketing communications agency... The intended results can be summarized as follows:
» Focused, professional identity
» Consistent and constant messages
» Consistent and high profile use of YSI logo
» Consistent use of identity guidelines
» Elegant look and layout for ads/brochures
» Repeated placement of image/product ads
» Strong public relations program
» Increased lobbying and associative efforts
» Cooperative promotion with YSI international
Thanks for all your hard work in pulling together an overview of what YSI needs to do in order to develop a corporate brand.”
– Rosalie M. Catalano, VP Corporate Marketing & Communications, YSI Incorporated

“I wanted to thank you and congratulate you on your premier issue of the Bowser-Morner ‘Report.’ This is an outstanding representation of your fine company.”
– James Pierce, City Manager, City of Huber Heights

“Thank you for your help and your friendship during my years at Mead.”
– Mark Rexroat, Marketing Manager, School Supplies, Mead (now with Disney)

“I recognize that Encore was a demanding customer, and in some instances, geographical distances made communications less than idea. However, the bottom line is that as a team, we were successful in establishing the new corporate look for Encore Computer Corporation. Thank you for spearheading that effort and achieving phenomenal results.”
– Jack Weaver, Director, Product and Marketing Communications

“On behalf of the Board of Overseers and staff, it is my pleasure to extend our appreciation for your design and production contribution for two outstanding pieces – the inaugural ‘Report to the Community’ and the ‘GHEI general brochure.’ These publications have helped the Institute to gain credibility and raise funds in the regional community. They will, in turn, impact our bottom line, and will have a significant influence on our ability to stay on track with the implementation of our strategic plan.”
– Rick Flood, Executive Director, Glen Helen Ecology Institute

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