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Wright State University video burnishes global image!

How do you tell a student in India or Nigeria that leavng family and friends to come halfway around the world to the Midwest U.S., without knowing anyone, without a job or housing, without even knowing how they will get from the airport, will be a fantastic and amazingly positive experience?

Ask a student. Simple as that. We filmed students from India, Nigeria and Israel and let them talk. One told how a car from Wright State was waiting for them at the airport. Another said they've found a second family to give them emotional support. Amazing students. Amazing stories. When Wright State came to The Arment Group for help with a video for their University Center for International Studies, we were able to tell the whole story: their challenges, their successes, the amazing opportunties that this thriving University represents to young people around the world.

Your story is just as exceptional. Let our filmmakers show you in the best light.

Note: This video was translated into Chinese, Arabic and Korean for global distribution.